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As Seattle Breast Cancer Lawyers, We Represent Clients Injured From Physician Malpractice in Failing to Diagnose Breast Cancer

When signs of breast cancer are missed by a physician, our clients and their families want to know why.  So do we.

As Seattle breast cancer lawyers, we represent those who were not correctly diagnosed with breast cancer, despite having symptoms that should have indicated such diagnosis or further testing.

How We Help Breast Cancer Patients

We obtain medical records.   We want to know what examination and conversations took place with your doctor during your exam.  If testing or further examination was not undertaken, we want to know why.  If it appears that malpractice occurred, we will sue.

You and Your Family Deserve to Know the Truth.

We will work hard to uncover the truth, and tirelessly to obtain the full measure of compensation due to you and your family for your breast cancer misdiagnosis.

Please Call Us to Schedule Your Free, No-Obligation Consultation So That We May Learn About Your Case.

Once we learn about your case, we can explain the legal process for seeking recovery.  We represent women in the greater Seattle area and throughout the State of Washington.  We also represent women, both within and outside the State of Washington, in failure to diagnose breast cancer malpractice cases occurring at United States Health and Human Services (HHS) clinics, and at military hospitals and healthcare facilities.